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Our team
Claudia Scatliff

SpaLaLa is thrilled to have Claudia Scatliff on our team. Despite spending a few childhood years in Manhattan, Claudia is a true island girl. A native St. Johnian, she is always surrounded by family and friends, including her 3 kids and 1 grandbaby. Claudia May be a familiar face to you as she has dedicated her career to the hospitality industry on St. John. When not working, Claudia enjoys cooking (but not dishes!) and doing fabulous hair including, obviously, her own. Come visit Claudia, the smiling face of SpaLaLa, at our reception desk by the pool.

Lori Doherty Francis

Lori Doherty Francis is an extraordinary body and energy worker. Lori has been in the field of health and healing for more than 25 years. She incorporates her vast knowledge in her work, from Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Somatic Breathwork to bodywork. Having raised her family here on St. John, Lori, her kids Aspen and Lily Margo and her mom GiGi are fixtures in the Coral Bay community. From the day she arrived, we knew Lori would be the backbone of the massage services at Spalala and we couldn’t be happier to be working with her.

Arlene Altman

Arlene Altman has been a practicing Massage Therapist and Natural Health Practitioner since 1979. Specializing in reflexology and sports massage, she has worked on athletes, laymen, horses and small animals. Spending part of the year in Ft. Worth, she was incremental in the health of the US Olympic Track & Field team for 18 years. She has lived on St. John for 36 years and still says its her favorite vacation destination. Arlene’s dedication to helping people to help themeslves can be seen in all facets of her life and is summed up well in her personal motto: Peace and Love.

Suki Buchalter

Suki Dickson Buchalter, NCBTMB, has been practicing Holistic Healing since 1975. She offers a combination of Neuromuscular, Meridian Massage with techniques of Reiki, Cranio-Sacral and Lymphatic Drainage in her massage sessions. A long time resident of the Virgin Islands, Suki currently holds Yoga Flow classes on Facebook Live. An Eco Feminist, she honors the Earth through ceremony and Sound Healings.

Kate Reed

Kate has always has a strong affinity to the natural world. As a trained conservation biologist and anthropologist, she has dedicated her career to preserving species and finding balance between the human and natural world. Aromatherapy, using the oils from plants for their medicinal and healing properties, started as a hobby that became a passion for her. She blends all of the massage oils, diffuser blends and body wrap formulas for SpaLaLa. She also has a successful line of natural and organic body products which you can find for sale at the Spa and other fine retailers around the island.

Dave Borror

Dave has had a life long career in both massage therapy and customer service. His love of the ocean and travel led him to the islands nearly 30 years ago. When his beloved islands were ravaged by hurricanes in 2017, combining his skills into creating a space for people to begin to recover and to work only made sense. So, SpaLaLa became his labor of love to help his community recover and thrive.

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